PVC Coated Fiberglass Sheet PC-300DM

PVC Coated Fiberglass Sheet PC-300DM

PVC coated fiberglass sheet is used to produce PVC sheet for the application of PVC sports floor, PVC decoration sheet, PVC waterproofing membrane and so on. This product uses Fiberglass sheet as the base material to be coated with PVC on one side of the fiberglass mat, then going through the curing and coiling process. Been widely used as frame material of PVC sheet, the PVC coated fiberglass sheet gives PVC sheet excellent performance.

  • PVC coated fiberglass mat increased tensile strength of the PVC sheet.
  • PVC coated fiberglass mat gives good stability to the PVC sheet. Using PVC coated fiberglass mat as core material of the PVC sheet solved many problems of the PVC sheet such as bubbling, edge curling, extension in the summer and shrinking in the winter and so on.
  • PVC coated fiberglass mat have excellent adhesion to the PVC layer. Since been evenly coated with PVC, during laminating the PVC coated fiberglass sheet to PVC sheet , the advantage of good adhesion between the layers drubbing the plain fiberglass mat.

According to the customer demand, the PVC coated fiberglass sheet can be one side smooth by using more PVC on one side of the fiberglass mat. And the base material fiberglass mat can be 30g/m2, 40g/m2 and 50g/m2 or according to the customer’s demand. The PVC coated fiberglass sheet can be tailored according to the customer demand and different application.

Technical Specifications

  1. Product name
  1. PVC coated fiberglass sheet
  1. Product Code
  1. PC-300DM
  1. Item
  1. Unit
  1. Specification
  1. Test result
  1. Test Standard
  1. Fiberglass mat weight
  1. G/M2
  1. 40
  1. 40
  1. GB/T 24218.1-2009
  1. Total unit weight
  1. G/M2
  1. 300(±20)
  1. 315
  1. GB/T 24218.1-2009
  1. Thickness
  1. MM
  1. 0.4(±0.04)
  1. 0.41
  1. GB3820-1997
  1. Paper core diameter
  1. MM
  1. 76
  1. 76
  1. /
  1. Moisture
  1. %
  1. ≤1
  1. 0.07
  1. GB/T11966-1989
  1. Tensile strength MD
  1. N/5CM
  1. ≥200
  1. 246
  1. GB/T 24218.3-2009
  1. Tensile strength CD
  1. N/5CM
  1. ≥130
  1. 135
  1. Quantity
  1. roll
  1. Test date
  1. June 06, 2018