Fiberglass Joint Tape

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Fiberglass Joint Tape is made by cutting 45~50g/m2 fiberglass tissue into certain width, which is a special product used as joint tape on the wall crack or gypsum board connections. The size of this fiberglass joint tape is usually 50mm x 75m/roll; and we can produce it according to your special requirements on width and length, of course.

This Fiberglass Joint Tape will not make bubbles under construction, and it is compatible with many types of wall and ceiling materials, such as coatings and gypsum board, therefore it is an ideal material to replace paper joint tape. Fiberglass is fire-resistant, mold-resistant and indoor environment-friendly without any toxic chemical odor or granule release. Our Fiberglass Joint Tape has achieved the standard of mildew-proof ASTM D3273, with a mildew-proof grade 10. In addition, the tensile strength of Fiberglass Joint Tape is higher by 70%~80% than paper joint tape.

This Fiberglass Joint Tape has been very popular in construction and decoration for many years. When you use this Fiberglass Joint Tape, walls or gypsum ceilings become flat and smooth at wall cracks or gypsum board joints and you use less coating materials, saving money and polishing time with easy construction.

Technical Specifications

Matt Density: Random

Tape Identification: Pale yellow color

Moisture Content: 0.5%

Other specifications are confidential. We tailor product for each and every customer.

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