BMC Material Manufacturing Process

BMC Material Manufacturing Process

We all know that the applications of BMC materials various industries has been very extensive, so what is the BMC molding compound process?

BMC molding compound is a kind of thermosetting plastic. It is mainly filled with short fibers and reinforced glass fiber reinforced materials account for 10 to 30 inches in length from 1/32 inch to 1/2 inch (12.5). Between mm).

It is more suitable for molding, transfer molding, injection molding and other processes. It has good mechanical properties, good surface finish, water, oil, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and arc resistance up to one hundred and ninety seconds. It is used in electrical appliances, motors, radios and meters, machinery manufacturing, chemical equipment and other fields.

The molding method: the BMC molding plastic injection molding machine is mainly for the BMC molding compound dough material, and is forcibly pressed into the BMC molding plastic barrel through the BMC molding plastic feeder, and then transmitted to the front of the cylinder through the screw, and then injected into the barrel. The mold cavity is solidified and formed. Because BMC is a thermosetting material, the temperature of the injection molding machine is set at 60 degrees, which is suitable for convenient material flow, and the material can be pushed into the barrel when the screw is expected.

The BMC forming method mainly has three kinds of compression, transmission, and injection. No matter the molding method, the temperature of the barrel must meet the low limit of the BMC molding compound, and the mold temperature is controlled at 135-185 °C. The injection pressure should be selected as the high pressure, because the BMC molding compound has poor fluidity and fast curing and the mold structure is complicated, and the injection speed should be selected at a faster speed to improve the surface quality of the plastic part and shorten the curing time.

Of course, the shortcomings of BMC materials have also been mentioned before, so what kind of materials to choose must be chosen according to their actual situation and not easily misled by the sales staff.

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